Why are we okay with breaking promises to ourselves?

We wouldn’t break a promise we made to our children, at least not without experiencing crippling guilt over it, and trying frantically to find an alternative that gets a similar result, or working really hard to make it up to them somehow, vowing to never make that mistake again

We wouldn’t break a promise to our partner, because we know that it would cause irreparable damage, there would be a loss of trust between us, and they would lose respect for us.

We wouldn’t break a promise to a friend in need, who would start to question how much value they really had to you if you didn’t care enough to follow through and do what you said you would.

Why then are we super aware of everyone else expectations of us, and work extremely hard to be reliable, trustworthy, and helpful to those around us, yet we are totally fine to break a promise to ourselves over and over again with out any repercussions?

The thing is, there are repercussions. Every. Time. We. Do. It.

When we tell ourselves we are going to do something- like start a new diet, start going to the gym, drop a dress size, stop eating junk – and then we don’t follow through, we are telling ourselves that we aren’t important. That we aren’t strong enough. That we don’t hold the same value as other people around us.

That it doesn’t count because nobody else knew about this promise.

But you knew.

Time and time again our friends at OnTrack Heath Retreats who operate from the beachfront Wyndham Resort in Torquay hear the same thing from their guests. That they had gotten sick of trying and failing, had decided that enough was enough, and they needed to make a total lifestyle change that was going to be for the long term, not just a day, a week, or a year.

That the one thing that had finally gotten them to take that step and book was the decision that they were important, they did deserve to be happy, and that they needed to choose themselves above everybody else in their life for that small amount of time in the scheme of things, because they were sick and tired of breaking promises to themselves.

The second thing OnTrack health retreat hear from guests is that someone else had booked for them- a partner, a mother, a friend. That they had come to us feeling miserable about themselves, beaten down, and with no confidence in themselves. They told us at the end of their time with us, that OnTrack had “changed their life.”

They had learned not just the practical side of things- what to eat, how to exercise, goal setting- but also had learned to understand themselves, why they did what they did, how they self sabotaged, and had been able to really learn who they were among like minded individuals who were going through the same thing.

No matter what avenue you choose to start keeping promises to yourself, make the decision right now, in this instant, that you are worthy. You are valuable. Keeping your word to yourself is important in ways you can’t even start to fully comprehend. And lastly, that sometimes in your life you owe it to yourself to make YOU your first priority.

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